Handmade Apple and Pear Shaped Candles


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Handmade Apple and Pear Candles

Our creative handmade apple candles and pear candles look great as a centerpiece in any home. The pears or apples can be combined with many of our candle holders but I just love them best on our wooden candle holders. Every piece is a piece of candle making art.
Handmade Candles

Play our short video of the candle making process. Done all by hand!

Something interesting to know about Candles:

What makes a candle burn well? Does a candle have to be made of soy wax or even bees wax to burn well?

The truth is, no matter what type of wax, a candle needs to be designed well to perform well.  In order to have a clean burning candle, the wick needs to be chosen correctly for the size (diameter) of the candle. The candle manufacturer needs to select a wick that matches the property of the wax and the size of the candle. If a wick is too small and does not feed enough liquid wax to the flame, it will only drill a hole into the candle. Many of you might have bought a beautiful looking pillar candle and thought that it will give many hours of burn pleasure BUT in fact the flame just drilled a hole. Does this sound familiar? Now you know, the candle designer did not choose the right candle wick. On the other hand, if a wick is over-sized, the opposite will happen, the candle will spill over the side and can create a nice mess on your dining room table.

Paraffin wax, bees wax, palm wax or soy wax can be used to make great burning candles. A reputable candle company will do this right. Be cautious of buying candles at discount stores or even dollar stores. Stick to brand name candles and you will enjoy them for a long time. Oh yes, you can do your part as well. Keep your candle away from drafty spots and keep the wick trimmed at 1/4 in.


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About our Company:

ArtWax is a flexible, streamlined and competent candle company.  We have been distributing our products to the gift industry since 1997. Wholesale candles and candle accessory distributing to the gift industry is our main business. 

We are committed to use only the finest materials. Our design team has a good dose of passion about candle making. We handmade the ArtWax candles in a small workshop setting. Each craftsman needs great skills to hand form our apple and pear shapes. This handmade process is unlike any other candle making technique. ArtWax candles are NOT poured in molds, they are free formed by hand while the wax is still warm and moldable!

Our companies strength lies in the uniqueness, design and quality of our candle products. If you are a store owner sourcing for unique decorative candles or cute little gift sets, then you're at the right place. We offer a great candle themes and designs.

Are you tired of seeing  the same candles in every store? Do you need something different from what the big box stores sell? Go with ArtWax! We offer you a great chance to set yourself apart from the same old candle wholesale products out there. If you are looking for a line that will be noticed, you've found it! Add something fresh to your store, your customers will appreciate it.

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