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About ArtWax Candle Company

Each ArtWax candle is made by a candle maker in a small workshop setting. Each craftsman needs great skills to hand form our apple and pear shapes. This handmade process is unlike any other candle making technique. ArtWax candles are NOT poured in molds, they are free formed by hand while the wax is still warm and mold-able!

ArtWax’s strength has always been in the uniqueness, design and quality of our candles.

ArtWax was founded first in Poland back in the early 90’s and DuDa Inc (former ArtWax LLP) started distributing these unique hand formed candles in 1997 to the gift industry in the US. Wholesale candles and candle accessory distributing to the gift industry was our main business.

Over time in the early 2000’s the business changed and small mom and pop stores struggled more and more. The result was felt by ArtWax too and we needed to get creative to keep these candles on the market. The decision was made to reach customers directly via our own eCommerce website. This proved to be a great move and a few more years of prosperity followed. Unfortunately the success in the USA of these hand formed apple and pear shaped candles was not duplicated in the Polish and European market. The Polish factory struggled and eventually had to close down. We had a nice run with these unique candles and we are grateful for it. The current candle offering on this site is what is left from our last production run. They will be the last ArtWax candles you can buy. Hey, they might become unique collectors pieces. Act while they last! ArtWax candles still “Make a statement”.

Today DuDa Inc is shifting focus to the DuDa Home brand and specializes in Moravian star lights. Feel free to visit our site dudahome.com to see what we are now up to.

Make a statement.
ArtWax Candle Company